SSC CGL TIER 1 Sample Test Paper for English

SSC CGL TIER 1 Sample Test Paper for English

Before going into the real SSC CGL TIER 1 Examination. You may check your preparation level. Here presents SSC CGL TIER 1 Sample Test Paper for English which will surely help you.

SSC CGL TIER 1 Sample Test Paper for English
SSC CGL TIER 1 Sample Test Paper for English

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Smart Collection of SSC CGL TIER 1 Sample Questions to Examine Your Preparation

Directions (Q. Nos. 1- 4) In the following questions, some parts of the sentences have errors and some are correct. Find out which part of a sentence has an error (a, b or ) If a sentence is free from error, your answer is (d).

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  1. In India (a)/working woman lead a life of dual responsibilities (b)/ if they are married and have a family. (c)/ No error (d)
  2. Greatly to our surprise (a)/ we  find ringleader (b)/ was lams. (c) / No error (d)
  3. They have (a)/ played a game (b)/ last week. (c)/ No error (d)
  4. The teacher made the boys (a)/ to do the sum (b)/ all over again (c)/ No error (d)

Directions  (Q. Nos. 5-10) in the following questions, out of the four alternatives, choose the  one which can be substituted for the given words/ sentence.

  • An apartment building in which each apartment in owned separately by the people living in it but also containing shared areas.
  1. Condominium
  2. Multiplex
  3. Duplex
  4. Caravan
  • A group of three powerful people
  1. Trio
  2. Tritium
  3. Trivet
  4. Triumvirate
  • Operation of the body after death
  1. Post-mortem
  2. Obituary
  3. Homage
  4. Mortuary
  • Not allowing the passage of light
  1. Oblique
  2. Opaque
  3. Optique
  4. Opulent
  • Science regarding principles
  1. Taxidermy
  2. Taxonomy
  3. Toxicology
  4. Classic logy
  • A political leader appealing to popular desires and prejudices

A political leader appealing to popular desires and prejudices.

  1. Dictator
  2. Tyrant
  3. Poqularist
  4. Demagogue

Directions (Q. nos. 11-14) In the following questions, sentences are given with blanks to be filled with an appropriate word  (s). Four alternatives are suggested for each question. Choose the correct alternative out of the four.

  • Student parking should be …… , students should not be charged to buy parking stickers.
  1. Fined
  2. Free
  3. Costly
  4. Cheap
  • If you have roses grooving in your garden, you can make a lovely …. Of flowers at home.
  1. Bouqutte
  2. Bucquete
  3. Bouquet
  4. Bouquet
  • of the middle school is a woman of ..
  1. Principles, principal
  2. Principals, principal
  3. Principal, principle
  4. Principle,
  • With the changing times, most of the students have become business like they aer… and want to take only those courses which they find rewarding.
  1. Idealistic
  2. Pragmatic
  3. Enthusiastic
  4. Partial

Answers to the SSC CGL TIER 1 Sample Test Paper for English

1.(b)      2.(b)      3.(a)       4.(b)      5.a)        6.b          7.a          8.b          9.b          10.d       11.b       12.d       13.c        14.b

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