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DOEACC NIELIT O Level A1 R3 July 2008 Question Answer Sample Model Paper Solutions

DOEACC NIELIT O Level A1 R3 July 2008 Question Answer Sample Model Paper Solutions

DOEACC NIELIT O Level A1 R3 July 2008 Question Answer Sample Model Paper Solutions : NIELIT DOEACC O Level A1 R3 Previous Year Question Paper With Solutions in English.



Ans. 1.1.1(A) Port provide an interface where the device connects between the computer and hardware device1.2(B) format is not present by default in command.com1.3(B) However (b) is correct answer but (c) is also correct.Statement for virtual memory.1.4(C) The transmission rate at which data flows between computers. The baud rate is roughly equivalent to the number of bits per second (bps).1.5(D) These programs accomplish the specialized tasks of the user, while operating system software allows the computer to work1.6(D) OS performs all the functions mentioned in the list.1.7(C) Temperature Chart is not used in any kind of analysis.1.8(A) A printer that uses the force of an impact through an ink ribon to create a printed character on a page.1.9(A) Arranges the blocks of information for a file into adjacent blocks on your hard drive, which may significantly improve the file access times,1.10(D) All are famous anti virus programs.TRUE/FALSEAns. 22.1(T) The main circuit board inside a computer, containing the central processing unit, the bus, memory sockets, expansion slots, and more.2.2(T) Cache memory is random access memory (RAM) that a computer microprocessor can access more quickly than it can access more quickly than it can access regular RAM.2.3(F) A laser printer is a common type of computer printer that repidly produces high quality text and graphics on plain paper.2.4(T) To prevent others from making changes to your scenarios, select the Prevent changes check box.2.5(F) MS – WINDOWS provides full facility to work with keyboard using short cut keys tec.2.6(T) Folders helps to categorize the files stored on the hard disk.2.7(T) Under normal circumstances every Unix program has three streams opened for it when it starts up, one for input, one for output, and one for printing diagnostic or error messages, These terms are abbreviated to form the symbols used to refer to these files, namely stdin, stdout, and stderr.2.8(F) The boot sector (called the Master Boot Record or MBR) is the first sector of a hard drive (cylinder 0, head 0, sector 1), it contains the main partition table and the code, called the boot loader, which, when loaded into memory,2.9(T) #REF! error occurs when a cell reference is not valid.2.10(F) MAGNETIC INK CHARACTER READER

MATCHING THE COLUMNSAns. 33.1(G) FAT is the name of the file system used by DOS operating systems (DOS and Windows 95, as well as Windows NT3.2(F) A method for rotating and column dimensions in Microsoft Excel to see new views of the data in the worksheet.3.3(D) Ctrl + Enter is the shortcut key for page break in MS – Word.3.4(L) Since $ is placed before column name and row number both, it is absolute reference.3.5(J) A hyperlink is underlined and usually blue colored.3.6(E) The formula cannot use the number.3.7(A) Path is used to specify the location where MS – DOS looks when using a command.3.8(M) The main area where slides are created.3.9(C) Inkjet printer is a non – impact printer.3.10(H) Hierarchy of data in spreadsheet.

FILL IN THE BLANKSAns. 44.1(H) these icons refers to shortcut to a program, folder or file.4.2(A) 11 X 163 + 6 X 162 + 5 X 161 + 15 X 160 = 466874.3(D) 1GB = 1,073, 741,824 BYTES4.4(L) An operating system (commonly abbreviated OS and O/S) is the software component of a computer system that is responsible for the management and coordination of activities and the sharing of the “esources of the computer. The operating system acts as a host for aplication programs that are run on the machine.4.5(C) Keyboard macros and mouse macros allow short sequences of keystrokes and  mouse actions to be transformed into other, usually more time-consuming, sequences of keystrokes and mouse actions. In this way, frequently-used or repetitive sequences of keystrokes and mouse movements can be automated.4.6(G) COMMAND.COM is the filename of the default operating system shell (or command line interpreter) for DOS.4.7(J) Outline view shows all the text of all slides in a list on the left of the PowerPoint screen. No graphics are shown in Outline view.4.8(K) UNIVERSAL SERIAL BUS : USB (Universal Serial Bus) is a plug-and. Play interface between a computer and add-on devices (such as audio players, joysticks, keyboards, telephones, scanners, and printers).4.9(N) Excel allows you to summarize data from worksheets through Data Consolidation. Data can be consolidated by position when all the referring data is in the same location and order, buy you must consolidate buy category when location and order is not the same.4.10(O) Mouse is a pointing device.

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